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A Palate of Princes

Another request filled! A delicious taste of royal upbringing a la CLAMP School Detectives Nokoru Imonoyama, and +Anima's Prince Myrrha (aka Husky). Take a look at these two cuties! ♥ Some are old, some are new in this mixed batch!

+Anima [ 28 icons ]
Prince Myrrha (Husky) x 28

CLAMP School Detectives [ 24 icons ]
Nokoru Imonoyama x 24


How can you hate women? The greatest creation in the Universe!Collapse )

Treat Yourself to a Handsome Colonel ♥

Here is the newest icon upload! Have a taste of the sexy Colonel from the game Tales of the Obese Abyss~ ♥ Be careful not to satisfy your sweet tooth too much.

Tales of the Abyss [ 36 icons ]
Colonel Jade Curtiss x 36


'And my other goal is to make you youngsters crazy before I reach forty.'Collapse )

A Taste of Babes and Vampires

Time for more icons! While the past two batches for Cardcaptor Sakura and Kingdom Hearts were new icons, this batch here are older icons I made awhile ago, but are still going out on display. I hope you can enjoy them all the same!

Final Fantasy 13 [ 17 icons ]
Vanille de Oerba x 17

Vampire Knight [ 19 icons ]
Ichijou Takuma x 19


Cause I Get a Thousand Hugs, from Ten Thousand Lighting Bugs, as They Try to Teach Me How to Dance.Collapse )

A Serving of Cardcaptor Sakura

Salutations, everyone!

Due to the unveiling of considering a new muse to play in the wide world of LJRP, here are some Cardcaptor Sakura icons for you. They are mainly our titular character, however, Syaoran and Tomoyo have managed to sneak their way in, as well as the super-cute mascot, Kero! I tend to get sidetracked, and who wouldn't? Its CLAMP.

The majority of these icons are from the art book, but there are ones from manga scans. You will find that those have been colored. Now to think of a good handle for Sakura...

Cardcaptor Sakura [ 100 icons ]
Sakura x 64
Sakura/Kero x 7
Sakura/Syaoran x 3
Sakura/Tomoyo x 1
Syaoran x 13
Tomoyo x 12


She's an Ordinary Girl, in a Magical World, and She's on the Trail of Trouble.Collapse )

A Platter of Kingdom Hearts

I had a request for some Sora icons, and, since fanart icons are more my specialty, here is a whole bunch of them! Of course, on my journey I got a touch distracted. You can find a few icons with Riku, Kairi, and Roxas as well.

Remember to contact me if you have any requests!

Kingdom Hearts [ 40 icons ]
Sora x 25
Sora/Riku x 4
Sora/Kairi x 2
Sora/Riku/Kairi x 1
Riku x 2
Roxas x 2
Kairi x 2
Sora/Roxas x 2
Riku/Kairi x 1

Regardless of Warning the Future Doesn't Scare Me at All.Collapse )
Another post! I'm sure they won't be so frequent after awhile...

Naruto [ 12 icons ]
Child!Sasuke x 11
Child!Sasuke/Itachi x 1

Vampire Knight [ 27 icons ]
Ichijou x 10
Zero x 7
Yuuki/Zero x 1
Sara x 9


You can hide underneath me and come out at night.Collapse )

First Icon Kick Off

Code Geass [3 icons]
C.C x 3

D.Gray-Man [5 icons]
Road x 5

Madoka Magica [12 icons]
Madoka x 16
Madoka/Homura x 2
Madoka/Kyubey X 1

Naruto [16 icons]
Itachi x 15
Itachi/Sasuke x 1

Ruroni Kenshin [4 icons]
Kaoru X 3
Kaoru/Tomoe X 1


Let the Cavities Commence!Collapse )

♥ Ready to Get Cavities?

No one likes to get cavities, but here, you might change your mind. This journal caters to deliciously sweet icons, whether by beauty, concept, or character.

This post is for general questions, requests, and really, anything else, and the best way to get a hold of me. Who am I? A Sweet Genius~ ♥

Now, off to have cheesecake for dinner.