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Uploads and Icons for your Sweet Tooth
Salutations! Icon Cavities is run by one and only one! Please feel free to take a look around and all of the icons we have to offer, and remember! You can always ask questions or ask for requests at the contact page.

Here are some basic rules:
1. NO HOTLINKING. That means getting the icon's link and hosting it that way on another site. That kills my bandwidth. So, right click, and save the icon to your own computer, and upload it that way.
2. Take as many as you like! Icons are made to enjoy.
3. Be sure to credit iconcavities so people will follow it here and come check them out. Its more for promotion than anything else.
4. Comment on the page you got the icons from! While this is optional, feedback always helps. When I know which ones you liked, I know what style is popular and what to make more of.

And that's it! ♥ So go on, satisfy your sweet tooth, and get some cavities.